Ideal Solutions is a recently established organization and although still new, we take pride in our excellent and reliable service, strive for perfection and lasting customer satisfaction, hassle-free outsourced accounting and/or payroll functions and also that personal touch experience.   

Its owner, Elzette Smith, has 18 years’ experience in the financial industry. She graduated from UNISA with a BCom – Management Accounting degree and gained experience while working at companies such as Anglogold Ashanti Health Services, Lancet Laboratories, Meditech SA and WPI Power Solutions.  For the owner, Ideal Solutions is a dream come true; an opportunity to broaden horizons and to make a change in the lives of business owners that do not have the resources to employ a full time accountant, bookkeeper and/or payroll administrator but still have the need for the above expertise. 

At Ideal Solutions, we offer a wide range of financial support/services; from data capturing right thru to Income Tax completion and submission. For further information on the services we provide click here.

Ideal Solutions is indeed the ideal solution for your accounting and/or payroll requirements.  Because of the availability the online world provides, it’s become more and more practical to take things one step further. Instead of having an in house accounting and bookkeeping service or doing it yourself, many businesses are finding the multitude of benefits outsourcing these operations has.  Listed below is a few of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • More time
    • Freedom to concentrate on core business knowing your accounting and payroll functions are taken care of by a dynamic team/person
  • Cost effective
    • No need to employ a full time accountant, bookkeeper and/or payroll administrator
    • By outsourcing these functions, you only pay for what you need – nothing more, nothing less
  • Control
    • With Ideal Solutions you outsource the tasks but maintain the control
    • All submissions and payments are authorized by the client
  • Focused work staff
    • Outsourcing eliminates the distractions at the office that so often interrupts these processes
  • Access to top systems
    • Outsourcing gives you access to top tools in the industry
    • Elimination of primary costs such as software, upgrades, training and office space
  • Flexibility
    • Outsourcing provides flexibility that in-house accountants, bookkeepers and payroll administrators just can’t provide.  This is due to the focus points and responsibilities that are expected from an in-house function.

Don’t delay – find the ideal solution to your company’s needs; contact us at Ideal Solutions and we will guide you through the transition process that involves moving to an outsourced accounting and/or payroll function.

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